EVB Gaming Celebrates its Innagural Year in eSports


Jupiter FL - A milestone has arrived for EVB Gaming, as it celebrates its one year anniversary this month!

Just over one year ago today, while attending CEO 2016 in Orlando Florida, the founders of EVB Gaming, Yvette Crow and Noah Carbone, found themselves pulled in a direction that they would never have imagined.

Both being strong minded successful business people, Yvette as a successful real estate broker and marketing guru and Noah as the director of the largest poker room in Florida and an operations specialist, their natural instincts kicked in and a conversation was sparked that would change their lives. “What can we do to help these players attend more events as well as capitalize on what they are pouring their entire heart and souls into?” Crow asked in her typical motherly concerned fashion. “We sponsor them, promote them, organize them, and watch them grow.” Carbone replied. And this is exactly what they have done.

EVB Gaming was formally announced and after meeting with some of the most decorated and entertaining players in the FGC, a roster was assembled and they were on their way. With the likes of Bryant “Kitana Prime” Benzing, Ryan “Big D” DeDomenico and a slew of others, they were now ready to showcase their team to the world. What better way to do that then to premier the team at the largest FGC event of the season, EVO 2015. A solid showing by the team and an even more amazing reception from the fans gave the founders the assurance they needed to know that this was, without a doubt, what they were destined to do.

Fast forward one year and over 10 national and international events later, EVB continues to turn heads and make strides in the FGC. With strong moves such as the acquisition of ex Critical Reaction staple, Ryan “Dragon” Walker on the eve of EVO 2016 as well as with the signing of NA #3 Street Fighter V player, and current Capcom Pro Cup qualifier, Chris Tatarian during EVO pools, EVB is showing that they will let nothing stand in their way of building a roster of proven winners.

Carbone notes, “The fans adore our players. They love that they interact and are approachable. They really are a great group of guys”. When asked about not winning one of the events the team has attended, Carbone responds in a concerned fashion. “Often times too much weight is put on the final result of an event. We need to remember that there is more value to competing in an event. The fans care about the overall experience, not just who takes the trophy home. That’s what our team takes great pride in. However, we do feel that we are as competitive as ever right now so let us just see after EVO.”

Carbone was correct in his assessment of how the team might perform at EVO 2016. After this article was composed, EVB Gaming had an amazing showing at EVO 2016 with a 4th place finish by Big D and a 7th place finish by Dragon.