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EVB Gaming has announced the addition of former Critical Reaction team member Dragon.

In a move that will turn heads on the eve of what will be the largest Fighting Game Tournament in the history of Esports, Evolution 2016, EVB Gaming adds Ryan “Dragon” Walker to the fold. Walker joins the likes of Bryant “Kitana Prime” Benzing and Ryan “Big D” Domenico to round out one of the strongest competitive teams in the Mortal Kombat X scene.

Having only entered into competitive Esports arena in August of 2015, Dragon would be considered a relative newcomer to the Fighting Game Community (FGC). Although brief, his competitive career has been the envy of even the most seasoned veterans. Finishing in no worse than 5th in 8 of his last nine tournaments, Dragons consistency is a direct reflection of the time and energy he puts into his craft.

One of Dragons perennial opponents at recent events, and a top tier player in his own right, Frank “Slayer” Perales had just that to say about the up and coming player. “He is a hard worker and will excel at any fighter he decides to play.” Perales said. “He is quick to adapt and adjust multiple times to counter his opponent’s strategies.” About his character Frank continued “He is a sweetheart. Best pick you guys could have made.”

When asked about the move Walker speaks of the change with confidence and anticipation. “EVB is a family and I feel strongly that the way they do things is in the best interest of every member of that family.” Dragon explained. “I am extremely excited to be able to represent EVB Gaming and show the world what I can do!”.

EVB Co-founder Yvette Crow smiles when asked about the addition of Dragon. “Over the last year we have had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. Getting to know Ryan and watching him grow since NEC has been a pleasure. He has a fierce competitive nature, combined with an amazing personality. In every way, Dragon is a winner and we are lucky to be in his path.”

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EVB Gaming


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