Tue 7th Jul 2015 - 5:25pm Players

EVB Gaming is thrilled to announce new team member Kitana Prime! Arguably one of the greatest personalities in all of gaming, KP is the resident MK go to guy for the latest news, rumors and tech. KP has single handily helped foster the development of the MK community with his outgoing personality and genuine love of the game. For years a staple in the top 16 of many MK majors, KP is just one step away from the elusive championship that he clearly deserves.

"Still the same guy, with the same plan, community first. EVB allows me to be that same guy with more opportunities to showcase it. I guess I'm also a pretty decent player too. Scratch that. Kitana first, then the community " -KP

Having KP in our family ensures that EVB will be the go to source for all of your MKX needs. It also guarantees us the best of the best in our corner.

EVB Gaming

EVB Gaming


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