The Jockey or the Trainer: Who Makes a Horse Win?

  • Tue 2nd Jan 2018 - 12:55pm
    Perhaps the most popular handicapping system used by Ron Williams Racing Review most bettors today is speed selection. Here, the punter uses speed and other factors to eliminate those equines that have less chances of winning the race. Thus, equines that have never placed in the top three positions in their previous races are taken out of your prospective bet list. If there are horses that have never raced in the track you are betting on a couple of times before then ditch him. This makes him unfamiliar with the ground and might make him lose. Moreover, if a horse has been out of commission for a long time, that entry might also need to be eliminated from your list. You will usually be left with a couple of picks. Choose the one who ran very well in its previous race. If you can't choose from any of them, you can always make a place bet. Another handicapping system used by pro punters is known as the surface switch. They study how horses do on certain surfaces. Some equines do well on dirt while others run well on turf. When they switch surfaces, some horses do way better and make for good bets. Those who have the ability to run both surfaces on a regular basis and win either way also make good bets.
  • Tue 16th Jan 2018 - 5:17am
    This post is really very debatable, as there are the possibilities that both the jockey and horse are not eligible to win but they do win. There are many discussions on this matter on internet, and places like which show that both the jockey and the horse are very important to win.

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