The Benefits of Honey - The Health Facts!

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 10:11am
    Getting enough fruits and vegetables might sound challenging for us. There are simple means on how to add these great foods into our daily meals. We can have and start with a veggie or fruit juice, try sliced apples, strawberries or a piece of banana mixed with cereals. You can also have garden salad for lunch and a piece of apple for snack. At dinner, make sure to have vegetables as side dish to complete the daily requirements of these great foods. Another tip is for you to try veggies like broccoli, very healthy and powerful for it helps the body to fight and prevent certain forms of cancer. In addition, in every meal you prepare, unleash the creativity in you to avoid boring food, why don't you mix this great food with different colors and variations like in creating salad, pasta dishes, desserts, and the like. Last tip is for you to practice buying these great foods in the groceries, markets, and try to plant it in your garden or backyard. Why is it so important to our diet to have a healthy breakfast? What makes it so different than the two or three other meals that we consume every day of our life? Most people focus so hard on having a good sized lunch and a big dinner that they forget to focus on the more important aspects of their diets that would allow them to lose weight much faster. When I was studying nutrition in college I was always taught that the foundation of losing or gaining weight easily has to do with a person's basal metabolic rate. Your basal metabolic rate is your body's ability to consume energy even if you decided to stay in bed all day long. Basically it is your body's ability to use energy even while you are at a state of rest.

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