Solar Power Homes - Run Your Home With Energy From the Sun

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 12:51pm
    If it is a sunny day, hang your washing outside. I have a clothes line but I know others The Backpack Electricity System who use clothes airers and they work well too. The sun dries them perfectly, the breeze softens the fabrics and they smell fantastic when you bring them back inside. If you do use your dryer, never put dripping clothes in, always spin them first and make sure the lint filter is cleaned really regularly so that the machine can weave its magic for you as efficiently as possible. Maybe you could trial drying your clothes and just finishing them off in the dryer as an interim measure on a wonderfully sunny day. There are many other energy using appliances in our home that you may not have thought of. Things like your iron, your microwave, your television, computer, dvd/video machine, stereo,gaming console, How on earth did we come to rely on energy so much for our daily lives. Most of these appliances now contain digital clocks and also standby lights. Now this is all very well but how many clocks does one room need? In my home, in the kitchen I have a clock on the wall, one on the stove and another on the microwave. In the living room I think at last count there were four clocks in the TV cabinet! What is this obsession with clocks on appliances? Now to get to the point. I'll give you an everyday example as a means to make it - the microwave oven. Most if not all homes now possess such an appliance. They almost all come with a digital display that tells you all sorts of useful information like temperature and duration of cooking time while you are using them and that is great but once their job is done, they just sit there with their little display telling you the time. And using energy.

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