Bay Promotions: Expert in Embroidery and Screen Printing

  • Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 5:51am

    Advancement in technology and innovation of digital printers has brought a drastic change in the apparel printing industry. Now, it has become easy to obtain prints on garments, upholstery, beddings and also even on carpets. Moreover, large promotional banners and posters can be crafted with excellent graphics and designs employing the techniques of contract digitizing.

    Established in 1998, Bay Promotions is one of the leading company that provide services of apparel printing employing digital printing methods. Situated in Title town USA, Bay promotions serve their clients with the highest quality of embroidery and screen printing services. Basically, screen printing is the process to print designs on the garments and substrates by directly transferring ink into it using mesh. Bay promotions works with various ad agencies, promotional products and also with the distributors and supply them superior garments and banners crafted with DTG screen printing. They have a partnership with over 500 fortune ad agencies and apparel companies.

    Services provided by Bay Promotions are:

    · Embroidery

    · Screen Printing

    · Digital Printing

    · Artwork

    · Labeling

    · Manual Printing

    · Hand bagging and tagging

    · Number and name printing on the jersey of athletes.

    Advantages of the screen printing services offered by Bay Promotions are:

    · They offer great discount to their regular customers.

    · The screen printing provided by them is durable and long-lasting. Thus, it does not fade away with frequent washing.

    · These printing techniques do not harm the quality of the clothing.

    · They provide remarkable artwork and vector art with high resolution.

    · You can get your bulk of your embroidered projects delivered to you in lesser time.

    · They provide contract printing at competitive prices.

    Bay Promotions is the perfect destination for the companies and brands who want to sale their T-shirts with their logo or tag printed over it. Apart from apparel printing, they also provide services of in-house graphic design. Their experienced and skilled staff greatly enhances the value of your clothing and other apparels with excellent design and graphics.

    So, if you are looking for reliable contract printing services, then Bay Promotions is the perfect destination.

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