What Are the Disadvantages of Collagen Supplements

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 7:02am
    First, there has to be the element of faith involved in your understanding Regen Regrowth of how your brain works. Physicians are indoctrinated in the scientific method and evidence based medical thinking. We always need to see proof and evidence that what you advise and do in your medical practice is a result of those two factors. Logic tells us that you can't think or handle your affairs unless you have a brain inside your skull......correct? Do you have proof that you have a brain? Have you or anyone else seen it or touched it? Usually not. You then are left with accepting evidence as the proof you have a brain, because you see what your brain and thinking can do. You have faith that you actually have a brain inside your skull, or wherever it happens to be located. So, you have accepted the fact that there must be a brain present based on faith or belief. Carrying that up another notch, when you have a goal in mind you have faith or belief that you can reach it. You have also fortified that belief with an image or series of images in your mind that you can access at any instant.

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