How to Find the Right Business Credit Cards for Your Business by Gibson Alex

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 10:55am
    Know your message. This is marketing/PR 101 but many small business Wealth Academy owners are unable to create a sales message that successfully connects with their customer base.They fail to communicate the real benefits of their products in a few short sentences and are unable to differentiate their offerings from competitors. Fairly or not they become perceived as a "me too" company falling in-line with others who sell basically the same goods and services.The Sharks reward those business owners who can passionately present their products in a brief concise manner, poignantly demonstrating how these products stand out in the crowded marketplace. Remain flexible. Entrepreneurs often fall in love with their products and stay rigid in their thinking. They focus on one specific product and market, and continue hammering away at selected customers for months if not years. When the marketplace fails to respond they blame their advertising or the economy in general.

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