Three Ways to Redirect Your Ego So You Can Create Positive Change in the World

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 11:09am
    There are thousands of gifted and talented individuals out Hypnosis Livethere who are providing similar services and products to your own. The key to rising above the competition is to know clearly what your unique talents are. How are you different in what you do and provide? How are you better and what stands you apart? If you don't the answer to this yet, there's a process to discovering it involving exploration, discovery, and assessment. First, ask five colleagues and clients/customers whom you know well and trust to give you candid feedback about what you do as a professional. Ask them: 1) What's great about the work I do? 2) What could be improved, and 3) How do you think it's different from my competitors? Listen to the feedback and integrate what feels right.Next, watch yourself for the next month - ask yourself, "What am I doing in how I deliver my products and services that is different from all the rest?" As my colleague and terrific branding expert Robert Friedman of Fearless Branding explains, "We have to know what emotional gift we bring to our clients - what do we give them emotionally when the use our services or products? For me, it's breakthrough - what is it for you

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