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    The vehicle that was struck by a commuter train is lifted from the tracks in Mount Pleasant Air Jordan 13 Heiress Velvet For Sale , near Valhalla, New York, February 4, 2015. Hundreds of feet of electrified rail skewered the first two carriages of a New York commuter train in a collision with a car at a railroad crossing, a federal investigator said on Wednesday, describing the area's worst rail crash in decades. Investigators were focused on why the car was stopped at the crossing near the suburb of White Plains north of New York City before the Metro-North train crashed into it during Tuesday evening's rush hour, pushing the vehicle about 1 Air Jordan 13 Low Pure Platinum For Sale ,000 feet down the line. The rail broke into long pieces, penetrating the first train carriage as a fire broke out, apparently fueled by gasoline in the vehicle's fuel tank, gutted the rail car's interior, he said. At least one section of the electrified, or "third," rail also entered the second carriage near its ceiling. "This third rail is just basically piling up inside that first train car Air Jordan 13 Low Brave Blue For Sale ," Robert Sumwalt, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said at a news conference ahead of a week of gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Sumwalt said the NTSB expected to release data from the recorder on the train on Thursday. Five train passengers and the woman who was driving the Mercedes sport utility vehicle that was stuck on the tracks were killed. Investigators said they do not yet have an explanation for how the vehicle, which officials had earlier mistakenly identified as a Jeep, became stuck on the tracks. Metro-North, run by the state-controlled Metropolitan Transportation Authority, had four high-profile accidents in 2013 that led to a safety assessment by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). In a March 2014 report to the U.S. Congress Air Jordan 13 Low Chutney For Sale , the FRA criticized the nation's second-largest railroad for a "poor safety culture" and "ineffective training". The NTSB released a report late last year that also identified common safety issues, but Sumwalt said Tuesday's crash may be unrelated. "I would be very cautious with trying to draw a nexus with what may have happened with Metro-North in the past and this accident," he said. The crash appeared to be the deadliest rail accident in the New York area since March 1982, when nine teenagers in a van were killed when a train crashed into them at a crossing in Mineola. A Metro-North train derailed near the northern edge of New York City in December 2013, killing four people and injuring 70. In May 2013, two Metro-North passenger trains collided in Connecticut, injuring more than 70. Some 650 passengers regularly take the 5:44 train Air Jordan 13 Hyper Pink For Sale , which carries commuters through some of country's wealthiest suburbs. Fifteen people were injured, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said. One passenger remained in critical condition and another passenger in "serious" condition on Wednesday afternoon at the local trauma hospital along with six other patients with less serious injuries, Westchester Medical Center officials said. The Mercedes' driver was identified as Ellen Brody, a 49-year-old jewelry-shop worker with three children, according to Paul Feiner, the Greenburgh town supervisor. "She was not a risk-taker in terms of safety," Feiner Air Jordan 13 Flint For Sale , who described himself as a family friend, said in a telephone interview. One of the killed passengers was identified as Eric Vandercar, who worked at Mesirow Financial, according to a statement by his previous employer, Morgan Stanley. Another was Walter Liedtke, a curator of European paintings for New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, the museum said. Collisions at grade crossings in the United States have declined by more than 40 percent to 2 Air Jordan 13 Chicago For Sale ,091 in 2013, from 3,502 at the turn of the century, according to data compiled by the Association of American Railroads and the FRA. A migrant child looks closely at the pandas from a glass enclosure at Shanghai Zoo. — Ti Gong MIGRANT workers in Shanghai typically stream back across China to rural hometowns for family reunions at Spring Festival, but for some, the holiday is a sad reminder of how economics separate parents and children. One of those who won’t be going home this week is Nie Shufang, 41 Air Jordan 13 Altitude Black 2017 For Sale , a household maid from southwestern China who has two sons living back home. Last year she managed to save enough money to travel to see them during the Chinese New Year. This year she can’t afford it. A left-behind girl whose parents work in cities Spring Festival time of reunion in China Spring Festival time of reunion in China A boy waiting for his parents to return home Spring Festival time of reunion in China The plight of migrant children forced to live apart from their parents is especially painful now because Spring Festival is traditionally a joyous time of year spent with family. “Relatives back home often say how working in large cities always means good fortune, but that’s only a myth,” said Nie, who hails from a rural village in the city of Chongqing. By the end of 2013, it was estimated that there were about 7 million migrant workers in Shanghai. They earn an average 29,707 yuan (US$4,750) a year Air Jordan 13 Retro Altitude Black For Sale , according to the latest figures for 2013 from the National Bureau of Statistics. That is 25 percent below the city’s average wage. They come to big cities from impoverished inland areas to seek a better life and carve a brighter future for their children. But that too often means the children have to be left behind. Most of the migrant workers in Shanghai have left for this year’s Spring Festival, which begins on Thursday. Nie is not among them. “Last year during Spring Festival, I spent four days traveling to and from my hometown, and the rest of the time visiting frien. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys Online Wholesale Throwback MLB Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China
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