What is the best dating site?

  • Thu 14th Mar 2019 - 8:56pm
    What is the best dating site?
  • Thu 14th Mar 2019 - 8:58pm
    No. I tried online dating and only got the following,rejection,heartache,or subscription required to use this site.(I am not wasting money on a dating site just so i can be rejected. I had even tried a christian dating site,hopefully find someone that won’t judge me harshly,but that didn’t work out either. So i have given up and decided to look for a site that you can meet women for sex. There seems to be no good women left and there’s too many gold diggers,or women that want a rock/pop star,or a thug. Also the pop culture and feminism has ruined many women here. I would like to find a mail order bride,but they are also only looking for rich men and if your not careful,it could be a scam.
  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 6:43am
    I like this one full of single black men You see, I have been dating for a couple of week there and should say I like the way it goes. I have two three dates per week and do not plan to stop;) Simply register and start looking for a good guy. God luck

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