Seven Steps to Unstoppable Success

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 12:18pm
    The hardest lesson to learn in the art and science of Law of Attraction Review selfimprovement is the fact that "there is no free lunch." Everything has a price and unless the price is paid, the goods will not be delivered.Most gurus in the selfhelp industry will not touch the subject of hard work with a tenfoot pole. They know better. They know that no one would be willing to pay good money to hear someone say that success is the result of hard work coupled with that second effort.Instead of telling the obvious truth, these selfanointed holders of the "Secret" will come up with some slick recipe for success. They will tell you that you attract success with the power of your thoughts. There is some truth to that... so long as those thoughts are coupled with hard work. It's the only way that anyone has ever achieved successThe truth is simple and there is no secret, without action there is no reward and without effort, there is no success. Why is that so hard to understand Gratification delayed or instant is one of the most important determinants of our lot in life. For most of us, instant gratification is the preferred choice. We might as well have our share of the cake than to wait in anticipation. Consequently, this seemingly simple Iwantitnow attitude has influenced some key aspects of our life. Those who are able to take on the challenge of the waiting game are usually the achievers. The impatient though are stuck in circles; their tendency for instant gratification has led them nowhere; they are at lost in handling the discomfort inherent in every aspect of transitions. Hard work, patience, perseverance and creativity are all circumvented on its behalf. We lose sight of what we want to achieve, and more inimical is our belief that chance will never favor us in the future. So we grab with urgency. When questions arise we want immediate answers, when problem nags we want immediate solutions, venturing into business we want immediate conversionseverything that will put instant gratification we immediately aspire. However, longterm achievement in life does not abide by this rule.

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